Alina Praja

Hello! I am Alina Praja. I am 16 years old now. I am from the remotest part of Makawanpur district. My family lives in a critical situation with poverty in village. We live like wild life in my village which has uncivilized, uneducated and poor community. There was no chance of going to school for me because my father did not have money to send us school. But I got an opportunity to come to Angel girls’ hostel at my early age. Then, I began my schooling from Angel hostel and now I am studying in grade 10.
I have two sisters and one brother. My sister Dina also lives in Angel girls’ hostel with me. She studies in class 2. We both are very fortunate to be adopted by the parents at Angel girls’ hostel. My youngest sister Rachel and brother David lives in village with my parents. In my village, the school is very far from my home and it takes 3-4 hours to arrive to school. Because of distance and funds, the chances are very few for schooling. Another fact is that in my village, parents do not want to send their girls to school but they become happy rather to see at their daughters working in the farms and family for earning money. For this reason, girls are pressed on to make early marriage or are sold to human traffickers. But, I find myself safe, fortunate because I got my parents who are really loving, caring and supportive at Angel girls’ hostel.
After coming to Angel girl’s hostel, I experienced so many good things. I got love from everyone. Talking about my studies, I find science a very hard subject. I am working hard on it. When I was in village, I did not had the good environment to study and to make myself able to think about my future. But when I came to hostel I found a reason to make myself think about my future. I was an aimless person before. I had nothing to think but here, I have freedom to think and do anything I like.
My hostel’s parents are guiding me so nicely and giving me opportunity to experience new things in every step of my life. I am happy that I have got so many good friends in school and home too. I am very fond of doing kitchen work. I like to cook and help to my mummy.
In my life, I want to be a social worker to make changes in the lives of orphan children and poor kids. I can understand about the pain of those orphans and poor children when they do not have an opportunity for eating, clothing, schooling and caring parents like in Angel girls’ hostel since I came through the same background. I am very much happy to be here and blessed to be a part of this family ever.
Thank you!